Group Head

Lee, Jyh-Yeuan (Eric), Ph.D.

Current Team Members

Xavier, Bala Meenakshi, Ph.D. (postdoc, 2017/12-2020/03)

Zein, Aiman (MSc Thesis, 2020, BCH)

Hussein, Toka (MSc Thesis, 2021, BCH)

de Barros, Molly (Honours Thesis, 2020, BIM/Faculty of Science, currently University of Manchester, UK)

van de Panne, Chloé (Honours Thesis, 2020, BIO/Faculty of Science)

Venes, Angelica (Honours Thesis, 2020, BIM/Faculty of Science

Gupta, Rhea (2019-2020 UROP, BIM/Faculty of Science)


Ihirwe, Gloria (CO-OP, 2018 Summer, uOttawa, currently McGill University)

Zuo, Zeyuan (SIRI, 2018 Summer, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, currently Carnegie Mellon University)

Chen, Zhuoyang (SIRI, 2018 Summer, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, currently Cornell University)

Gutpa, Varis (Honours Thesis, 2019, TMM/Faculty of Medicine, currently uOttawa/Faculty of Science)

Hajira, Midhet (Honours Thesis, 2019, BCH/Faculty of Science)

Chowdhury, Nadia (Honours Thesis, 2019, BPS/Faculty of Science)

Jennings, William (Bill) Joseph, M.Sc. (2018-2019, lab tech/manager, currently CHEO)

Danthanarayana, Malindu (NSERC USRA, 2019 Summer, BIM/Faculty of Science)

Li, Minhao (SIRI, 2019 Summer, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology

Faculty of Medicine

University of Ottawa

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